• 2014/01/14

    Uni-Parks Created Unique Products to Meet the Market’s Needs.

To meet the market’s needs, Uni-Parks focus on functional glasses and multi-media glasses, and creating exclusive products for the world with its own expertise. For example, Uni-Parks produces thin and light Bluetooth glasses; high barrier and high transparency blue light glasses; light, oversized, ergonomic 3D glasses; sportswear glasses with replaceable lens that fit Asians’ face shapes; 3D glass for projectors; glass polarized glasses; X-ray proof or laser-proof, or other medical glasses.The Design House of PARKS is fully experienced to integrate with other electronic technology industries, implanting the technologies in the design of glasses to create all kinds of comfortable, beautiful, and useful electronic glasses.

Zhou Heng-you, General Manager of Uni-Parks Technology Co.
Provided by Uni-Parks Technology Co.

Uni-Parks designs lens and glasses to prevent the blue light from mobile phones, computers, and LED, and sunlight from hurting the users’ eyes. Looking at the strong blue light will cause diseases in retina and macula; the glare of the blue light from the screen will cause fatigue and discomfort; The radiation and heat of the blue light from the screen and LED will dry the eyes. Uni-Parks designs products to filter out 100% of the ultraviolet rays and more than 50% of the strong blue lights in 380-470 mm section. By blocking the strong light generated by the blue light from the screen, the users’ eyes will be more relieved. Besides, the glasses can prevent corneal varicose caused by squinting, relieve fatigue, reduce possibilities for being near-sighted, and avoid having more serious presbyopia. The glasses filtering out 100% ultraviolet rays and 50% of radiant heat caused by strong blue light can avoid the tears from being over-steamed and the eyes from being dried by the blue light, causing dry eyes and early cataract. More than 80% of week blue light and 94% of other visible lights can pass through the glasses so that the depth of the color saturation of the screen can be retained while the colorfulness and contrast can be enhanced by adequate amount of blue light, for it not only boost up the spirit for working but keep the colors real.

How do we select a pair of blue-light-filtering glasses correctly? First, the glasses need to have specific data for blue light filtering validated by credible facilities in Taiwan or abroad. The glasses should be able to filter out 100% of the ultraviolet rays and screen high proportion of strong blue light in between 380-470 nm. When wearing a pair of good blue light glasses, the wear will immediately feel the light softer and less dazzling. They have good transparency and sharpness.

This year, Uni-Parks design blue light and electromagnetic wave filtering products for different users in different situations. Uni-Parks hopes to design a pair of glasses applicable for all day indoors or outdoors, rain or shine. Currently, Uni-Parks has released blue-light-filtering glasses of different specifications, including 60%、70%、70%、, and 90%, etc. Besides, Uni-Parks also provides blue-light-filtering glasses for people with presbyopia or near-sightedness.


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